Due to the GDPR changes that came into effect in 2018, AXIA have implemented changes to our PMX system which have assisted our clients with being GDPR compliant.

Details of the changes to our PMX system have been sent directly to our clients.

These changes have been permanently implemented so that any new or prospective clients who purchase our PMX system, will also be complying with GDPR rules.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AXIA technical support team by emailing or calling 01494 775586.

Making Tax Digital

In line with the recent VAT format changes implemented by HMRC, AXIA are making changes to our PMX system to incorporate these changes.

HMRC are making changes to the method in which your VAT Return is submitted.  VAT registered businesses with taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold will be required to keep records in digital form and file their VAT Returns using software.

For the first VAT period starting on or after 1st April 2019 the submission must be made from within your office software and any figures collected from other places, must be “transferred digitally”.

AXIA are proposing that PMX will provide a CSV type file containing the totals on the Fee List, this CSV file will then be imported into the office software to generate an invoice.  When the money is transferred the invoice will be paid off.  In this way there is a “digital link” between PMX and the office software.

However, for this to work, you must have office software which is recognised by HMRC for the final submission.  To find out more details of these changes, please click here.  Or if you have any questions on how our PMX software will work in collaboration with these changes, then please contact our technical support team by emailing or calling 01494 775586.

AXIA Links up with Propertini to provide additional online marketing

We are now providing our PMX clients with direct access to the Propertini real estate search platform. There is no extra cost or effort for this additional service.

To feature your listings on Propertini and increase the scope of your marketing, please click here to complete the necessary documentation.

We shall then work with Propertini to make sure your listings appear within their search results.

Propertini is a global real estate search engine that helps users search, select and share real estate. Propertini makes it possible to find residential property to buy, rent or share worldwide. The visual property search means that finding a home takes two short steps and the interface is
designed to optimize the search experience.

With an ethos of providing global reach with local accuracy, anyone with an interest in real estate can find their new home or investment property worldwide with pin-point accuracy.

Propertini’s operating decisions are based on a core set of seven principles, which are published on the company’s website:

Please contact our technical support team if you require any assistance by emailing or calling 01494 775516.

Have you considered Cloud computing?

We can now offer you PMX software on a Cloud. 

So what exactly is Cloud computing?  It is the ultimate answer to the increasing demand for anything, anywhere, anytime.  In the simplest terms, Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive.  

Your copy of PMX will be installed on a server which you will be able to access through any computer connected to the Internet.  For best use of PMX, MS Office will also be on your Cloud including Word, Excel and Outlook with all your documents, photographs etc.  You will also be able to install any other programs of your choice.

You and your staff may be away from the office and accessing PMX using a desktop , laptop or iPad.  While out and about your staff will be able to see instantly, and add to or amend, the same data that is being used by colleagues in the office.

Your computers in the office will need to be of a lower specification than before since all the hard work is done on the Cloud.  The cost of continually upgrading your version of MS Windows and MS Office will be eliminated as this is included with the Cloud.  In addition you will be able to access your Cloud from an Apple device, iPad etc which will be running a Windows 7 session.

If you go with Cloud computing you are able to access PMX from anywhere anytime.  We will provide a secure Cloud for a monthly fee which will include setting up PMX.  You will continue to benefit from our support line.

If you are interested in finding out more please send us an email at


Latest Update All encompassing Action List

The Action List replaces the old Diary Lists which produced separate lists for Property Inspections, Gas Safety Certificates, Tenancy Renewals, Repairs etc.  These lists have now been combined into one easy to use Action List which can be viewed for the current day, week or month, a specific period or ahead into the future.  Each Action is divided into stages which must be completed before the whole Action is complete.

As with the old Diary Lists, PMX allows you to assign an Action to a property or to an applicant. There are a number of Action types already set up in PMX but you may create your own Action types.  To view the status of any Action for a particular property or applicant, open that property or applicant and click on the Diary tab.  To view Actions across all properties and applicants select Action List on the Management menu or click the Notebook icon.

The Action List option on the PMX Management menu shows all Actions assigned to all properties or applicants.  When PMX first displays this list the Actions will be in order of Review Date and the highlight will be positioned on the first Action due for review by date.  Actions can be filtered so that only certain types are displayed.  Click the Filter button to display a list of Action types.  By ticking the box next to each Action type you can specify which types are displayed.  Click Clear All to remove all ticks or Set All to tick all Actions.

Actions can also be selected by Review date and displayed in different orders. 

Use the email contact on this page to let us know if you would like to receive this update.

Census confirms more people are renting in the private sector

The surge in private rental sector (PRS) tenants reported in the 2011 census and published on 11th December 2012 highlights the need for immediate government regulation, according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).

Alongside reports of a drop in the number of UK owner-occupiers, to 64%, the number of tenants renting privately has increased from 9% in 2001 to 15%. With the private rental sector absorbing much of the move away from home owning, standards are likely to come under increased scrutiny.

Ian Potter, Managing Director, ARLA said, “The census data confirms what our members have already told us, that would-be home owners are increasingly turning to the private rented sector after being priced out of buying their own property.

He added: “as the PRS continues to expand, it is imperative that the government takes decisive action on regulating letting agents. This will help prevent less scrupulous landlords from taking advantage of the unprecedented level of consumer demand. Renting should be a positive experience for both tenant and landlords, and a professional agent will be able to guide them both through the process.