Block Management Software

PMX4Win, the latest version of our block management software, assists you with the running of long lease residential blocks. It makes easy work of raising ground rent or service charge demands, managing the budget and expenditure and controlling the client accounts. It also facilitates the monitoring of maintenance and repairs.

The ‘blocks’ being managed may be purpose-built blocks of flats with large numbers of leases or converted houses with just a few leases.

Block and Lease Data

  • Hold individual details for the freeholder, leases and leaseholders
  • Setup individual bank accounts for each block
  • Setup separate deposit accounts for reserves
  • Add contacts such as accountants and legal advisers
  • Enter insurance policy details
  • Keep notes on each block and lease


  • Enter annual budget Information for each year
  • Apportion service charge items to each lease in unlimited variations
  • Generate demands for ground rent or service charge
  • Email demands and arrears statements
  • Enter all receipts and payments through one simple cashbook
  • Monitor arrears, send reminders and statements
  • Monitor actual spend against budget
  • Account to the freeholder for ground rent collected
  • Create remittance advice notes for contractor payments
  • Produce year end reports

Action List

An action might be raising a service charge demand, renewing an insurance policy, chasing up a maintenance job or serving a section 20 notice. Each action can be divided into stages.

  • View on screen all items requiring action
  • Filter the list by action type, date, contractor or person responsible
  • View actions for all blocks or just one block
  • Tailor each action type to your own way of working
  • Setup your own action types